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The Dog Park Will Not Harm You


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I really like the Renaissance.

Ich spreche Deutsch, English, et les petits français
Personality: It's complicated
Favorite Games: Minecraft, Alice Madness Returns, and L4D2.
Favorite Animals: Hyena's, Foxes and Maned Wolves.
Dislikes: Human Contact, Homophobes, and Annoying voices.
Likes: King Creosote, VideoGames, Chicken, Watermelon, Cream Soda, Kimya Dawson, and Amanda Palmer.
Species: Hyena, Fox, Maned wolf, and dragon chimera.
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Scotland Stamp by phantom Germany Stamp by phantom
Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Stamp. by Shendificator Merlin by nyrkkes
HBO Game of Thrones Sword Logo Stamp by dA--bogeyman Sherlock by 1stClassStamps Supernatural stamp by kshapiro
Doctor Who Stamp by Oatzy NBC's Hannibal Stamp by Floyd46 Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86

No Surprises, Just JumpScares.

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anatomy stamp by boneworks Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Steampunk Stamp by TumblingTortoises
Equalist Stamp by Tandenfee Why? stamp by aftersunsets Pride :Stamp: by Circe-Baka
Life is a Lesson _ Stamp by mylastel Acting How Others Want You To Be Stamp by mylastel Our D.i.f.f.e.r.e.n.c.e.s ... by mylastel

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Look I literally completed something today 

1 deviant said Don't expect much more


Cre by king-cre
- Basic Information- 
Name: Cre
Gender: Female
Age: (10/25/99)
Sexuality: Demisexual Lesbian

-Body Information-
Species: Hyena/Maned Wolf/Welsh Fox/Dragon hybrid 
Weight: -Anthro- 165 lbs -Feral- 220 lbs
Height: -Anthro- 6' 2" 
Shoe Size: 10 and a half in mens
Bra Size: 38 DD; Large breasts and Broad Shoulders/Body
Shirt Size: L; Prefers Clothing to be loser around body 
Pant size: 16; Short shorts, or Skinny Jeans

General Mood: It's complicated
Pros: FEMINIST. Always there for others, intelligent, Open hearted, Level-Headed, Nonjudgmental, Is crazy and fun to be around, has a funny laugh
Cons: Holds Grudges, Has many medical issues, is sick often, Finds it hard to trust, can easily be ticked off, Yells loud, can be terrifying, can be shy, reads people like a book. 
Likes: The Middle ages, any Medieval related thing, RPG, LARP, lots of nerdy games man, FOOD, the internet,video games, star trek, margaritas, Wine, FLUFF, Music, Sci-Fi, Comics, Writing, Reading, and Drawing.
Dislikes: Homophobes, Gum, fire, Inequality, Hot Weather, Public Pools, Controlling Men, Stupid people, things that fly, Storms, Clowns, Dolls, and Creepy Masks.
Movie: Harry Potter & Juno
Color: Anything plaid, loves autumn colors.
Book: Unaltered
Author: Neil Gaiman
Game: Left 4 Dead 2
Show: Star Trek and Night Vale
Foods: Chicken, Potatoes, Watermelon, Corn Beef Hash, Lamb, and Chocolate.
Drink: Tea Of any type really 
Broadway: Phantom of The Opera, Wicked, and Sweeney Todd.
Super hero: Deadpool
Villain: Harley Quinn 
Sport: Rugby
Bands/Musical Artists:
King Creosote
Amanda Palmer
Kimya Dawson
Arctic Monkeys
Art and Character (c) king-cre

3 answers journal meme

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 2, 2014, 9:22 AM
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching: GOT
  • Playing: Cards against Humanity
  • Eating: Nothing, but I want food
  • Drinking: milk

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1.)  travel the world
2.)  get married
3.)  own a hedgehog
Three Names You Go By:
1.)  Sharon
2.)  Rebecca
3.)  Becca
Three Screen Names You Have Had:
1.)  SherlockMafia -killme-
2.)  king-cre
3.)  micewithatches -mytumblr-
Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1.)  eyes
2.)  freckles
3.)  hands
Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1.)  Scottish
2.)  German
3.)  that's all
Three Things That Scare You:
1.)  things that fly
2.)  what my parents think of me
3.)  clowns
Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1.)  internet
2.)  acne cream
3.)  my dog.
Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.)  fall out boy shirt
2.)  boxers
3.)  bra
Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
1.)  Nirvana
2.)  Kimya Dawson
3.)  King Creosote
Three Of Your Favorite Songs:
1.)  about a girl -Nirvana
2.)  I like giants - Kimya Dawson
3.) Bubble- King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1.)  nerdiness
2.)  cuddles & kisses
3.)  lots of pictures cause that's cute
Two Truths And A Lie (in no particular order):
1.)  i am demisexual
2.)  I was born in Michigan
3.)  i really like dragons
Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1.)  Making food
2.) drawing
3.)  writing
Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1.)  finish this damn ref sheet
2.)  watch game of thrones
3.)  eat cake all the time
Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
1.)  education
2.)  the arts
3.)  literature
Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1.)  wales
2.)  new york 
3.)  Canada
Three Kid's Names You Like:
1.)  Dominik
2.)  Aeron
3.)  Yeshua
Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
1.) I wear makeup
2.)  I'm a feminist (?)
3.) I will dance however i please thank u
Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Boy:
1.)  have you seen my clothes?
2.)  I will drink myself to death
3.) i cuss so much man

No Pet's Perfect

Young & Under Paid

Commission/Art Information
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Hey! If you wish to commission me:
Drop me a note or go to my gallery and click on the commission picture I have up! If you are unable to pay for the commission I can do a monthly billing for you! <3

Hallo! wenn Sie wollen anfordern Kunst von mich freuen beachten Sie mich oder klicken die Kommission foto Ich habe in meinem Galerie. Wenn sie sind nicht in der Lage zahlen für einen Zeitraum ich werde zulassen sie zu tun ein monatlich plan.

Bonjour! Si vous souhaitez demander art de moi moi ou cliquez sur la Commission photo que j'ai dans ma galerie. S'ils sont incapables de payer pour une période de temps, je vais leur permettre de faire un calendrier de paiement.
désolé pour le mauvais français.
♥ ♣ ♦ ♠---------------------------------------------------------♥ ♣ ♦ ♠
Open Comms by Enjoumou
Open PComms by Enjoumou
Ask Trades by Enjoumou
Ask Requests by Enjoumou Paypal Stamp by artist4com
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